Little hungry soul wanderers dreamt of a day tucked in the ocean breezes wading through the humid air in each other’s company.

Fairly a dream, a desire in its mucking state that came knocking its doors, unexpectedly sooner, over a call of laughter sky high and untainted excitement.

K1: Heeyyy can I steal you next week?

K2: Steal me whenever you can. I’ll go with you to wherever now that I can!

In a minute of careless laughs followed by a pause of sweet surrender to possibility we existed.

Very few people find this. Real authentic friendships. Tobacco and mint type. Coal to the fire. Rush to the wind. Let’s just say that there’s power in dreaming. Hoping. Wanting

Hope, an illusive reasoning as green is to the earth.

Dreams, a free gift as air to man.

Through the motions of days we existed till the day of bloom. Off as early birds we bid farewell to our Nairobi as we railed on in the new ride in town. SGR.

We sipped in the experience eager…hungry… happy. The journey’s time was punctuated by view of park animals, smiles and laughs. For most, it was the first time. Tasted different and good.

In a blink of time we were served to a welcoming warm Mombasa. It’s mysterious how the universe aligns sweet surprise packages for dreams unspecified. We little hungry souls for adventure got the beautiful Shaza open its doors to us for this one. Just like smirnoffs slogan, the place is pure in every drop.

Days were cardamon and cinnamon raw. Perfection.
Spiced dawns.
Blissed sundowns.
Caramel hearts soaked in shelled beaches.

Blessed by heavens sauce. Doesn’t the ocean spell spiral infinity? Why do we so often limit potential when the power bestowed within us is greater? Why do we stay guarded when we should be a force full of possibilities.
Why do we refuse the honor to be. Live. Breath to the full.

The ocean awakened a rebirth. I wish you a sky high, ocean wide pool of infinity in all you do as the gift to the world. Dream a brighter and better Kenya. Keep it AMANI 2017 KENYA

For me and my little hungry partner in the adventure ride we dream. We live.


Love (for travel) Always,

Koko X Spice