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If you were me, in NORMAL sport shoes, you’d say the same thing. Trust me. The place was very picturesque but made all the worse by the thick mud that clung to my shoes and soaked into my socks. Despite it all, I decided to soldier on and maneuvered through this section with sodden feet. I came all this way. I can’t give up now!

As we continued the hike, the path narrowed and became steeper, making us pause several times to catch our breath and sip our water. Temperatures continued to drop and at some point, it rained hailstones.

Two to three hours later, we got to the final stretch where the climb was particularly steep and full of rocks. This section was easy for me as it was like a stairway.

Before you know it, we reached the second highest peak known as Mount Kinangop at 3,906 metres (12, 815 ft). This was it for me by the way.

I stood on top of one of the rocks and raise my arms in victory. I did it. I really did. I felt on top of the world.

What a magnificent view! This adventure and beauty awaked a desire in my heart to never stop what I love. Exploring our beautiful country.

As we waited for the rest to get to the top, we took pictures and reflected. There is a sacredness here that surpasses everyday fears and trepidations.

I could feel the breath of God and hear the beauty of His creations. I was in awe of His timelessness of Mother Nature.

What a breathtaking view!

It was eventually time to descend. Going down took approximately another three hours. Occasionally, the rain would fall in crazy chaotic drops. By the time I got to ground level, I was drenched from top to bottom and stained in mud from skidding through the thick bamboo forest.

All in all, I had such a splendid and unforgettable experience!

Would I do it again?

Ahhhh… we’ll see.

Until Next time, peeps!

Love (for Travel) Always,

Koko X Spice