Disclaimer: Before reading Part 2, click here for Part 1 to get the gist of the story…. If you already did, carry on… 🙂

We had a quick stopover at a café for breakfast, bought snacks in a nearby supermarket and bought gloves and a marvin.

As we approached our destination, the temperature dropped significantly. The cold that had seemed mild at first, now numbed our faces and chilled our fingers. All I could think about is, what have I gotten myself into?

We arrived at Njabini Forest Station at about 9a.m. We found a larger group of hikers prepping for the expedition by stretching, hyping themselves up through singing praise and worship songs and prayers.

On our end, we were prepping by packing all our necessities (mostly food, hehe) into one big bag. No stretching. No nothing.

Upon enquiring, getting a ranger to accompany us up the hill (which is compulsory by the way) cost us only Ksh 1,500 (USD 15). This is half of what we were meant to pay but thanks to Bernard’s negotiation skills, we got a pretty good deal! Also, the same ranger was hired by the other hiking group, so it was technically a win-win for both of us!

So we began our hike at about 9:30am. As we were ascending, I turned my head skyward and whispered a short prayer.

The route up so far, seemed okay. We maintained a good pace, steady breathing and walked in groups. It took about an hour before we could get to our first resting point.

After a few minutes of re-energizing our bodies with water and dextrose, the journey up the thick expansive forest continued. We passed through a canopy of towering bamboos where the struggle began.

At this point in time, it hit me that I wore the wrong shoes (I missed the memo; I needed hiking boots for this expedition). I honestly, GENUINELY, wanted to turn back.

I looked at my crew and told them, “Let me know how it is at the top, okay? Take pictures for my blog.”

Stay tuned for Part 3/3 !!!

Love (for Travel) always,

Koko X Spice



Camera used: Huawei P9 Lite

Photographer: Author

Special thanks to: Bernard and Peter