A few months ago, my two friends (Peter and Bernard) and I decided to take on the challenge of the infamous Elephant Hill situated in the Aberdare Ranges southern end, 90 km north of Nairobi.

Elephant hill from a distance

Truth be told, I didn’t know this hiking expedition would be as tough as what people made it seem on social media.
I recall skimming through posts and what stood out the most is that this particular hike is a fantastic start for those keen on climbing Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro at some point in their lives, So for this fact, I knew I was at least preparing myself for an even bigger challenge in the near future. Or so I thought…. Heh. Wacha tu
So it all started one Sunday (who hikes on a Sunday?) morning. I woke up at 5:30am, dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. At this point, I’m on auto-pilot because as we all know from my previous posts (and I cannot stress this enough), I loathe early mornings.
So I got ready into my warmest and most comfortable basic hiking attire (Tights, Top, sports bra, thick socks, sports shoes and a rain coat) and started my journey to our meeting point, that is, town (Nairobi CBD). I recall hailing an Uber ChapChap from home and in less than fifteen minutes, I was in the CBD.
As agreed, our meeting time was 6:30a.m. but knowing Africans and African timing…We officially began our journey to Elephant hill at about 7:30a.m.
Honestly, the drive there did not calm my nerves for that matter. The early morning fog loomed, blanketing everything in a thick white veil. It suffocated every building and every tree at the base, swallowing distant objects, including the cars ahead of us.

We were driving at about 50kph as we could barely see ahead

If this is how the weather looked like now, it could only get worse right?
“Don’t worry! The weather will change!” said Bernard.
“Let’s hope so!” responded Peter.


Peter trying to convince me that the weather will get better

And indeed it did. The heavens listened. The sun could be seen finally penetrating through the clouds as the fogs sporadically vanished.

Finally, the sun is out!

We were safe. For now…

Stay tuned for Part 2/3 !!!

Love (for Travel) always,

Koko X Spice



Camera used: Huawei P9 Lite

Photographer: Author

Special thanks to: Bernard and Peter