Hello everyone! First and foremost, I want to wish all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know we have just hit the quarter mark but oh well…blame this adulting life that I surely did not sign up for; it was thrust on me involuntarily…sigh! Anywaayys, I’m glad to be back to this blogging life! I will try my best not to neglect you again… (hides face)

Today’s recipe is pretty simple and straight forward. I figured that during this rainy season (technically I was to post this about two weeks ago…Now it’s slightly better with several sunny moments but oh well…please read on..), you’d want something easy and quick that’ll keep you all warm and cozy as you binge watch your favorite series!

Ps. This is definitely not the healthiest option buuuut, during those lazy  times, I would recommend this 100 percent! No one ever died from a little comfort food here and there 😀

What you need?
1. One pack of Chicken Noodles
2. Dried Parsley
3. Cayenne Pepper or Paprika (for those who don’t want to go heavy on the chilli)
4. Bacon

LITERALLY the shortest recipe I HAVE EVER HAD on this blog….

-Boil some water in the kettle for your noodles.
-Grab a bowl, place the raw noodles in the bowl, pour water directly into the bowl and cover it with a lid.
-Let the noodles sit in the water to cook through for about 3 to 5 minutes.
-As you wait, grab a non-stick pan, pre-heat it, then place three bacon strips directly onto the hot pan (Notice I didn’t add any oil onto the pan as the bacon already has plenty of fat to help it cook through).
-Each side should cook in low/medium heat for about 3 minutes or until crispy.
-When the noodles are ready, drain out just about half of the water, add the spices that come with the noodles, the dried parsley and cayenne pepper/paprika. Coz I am extra like that, I added BOTH cayenne and paprika. Lol!
-Place the bacon on a paper towel. Let it soak out the excess oil by pressing gently with the paper towel.
-Break the bacon into bite size pieces and use it to garnish your noodles.

Voila!!!! Some comfort food for you in under 12 minutes!!!

and because this post is coming to you later than intended (technical glitch)… Happy belated Easter as well!!!

Love (for Food) always,

Koko x Spice